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Hi guys,

Yes, I'm still here!

Just got back from Kent, where I was photographing the Wildlife Heritage Foundation's big cats. I'll be uploading some of the better photos over the course of this week. If there's anything you want to see... ask! :-)

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  • Drinking: Tea. What else?
Hey guys,

Long time no see. I've finally got around to putting some of my photos from the recent (er... last month) Huddersfield Festival of Light on dA.

Enjoy! C&C welcome, as always.
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OK, so I've had a dA account for.... at least a year and what have I done with it? Nothing?

Well, that's going to have to change. I'm going to start uploading some of my photography work here. I'm still going to hang out on Flickr (for those of you that can't guess, I go by "philpem" on there too), just I'd like to share my work with the folks on here too.

And after all, it's a year since I signed up. Isn't it about time I actually did something useful with my dA account? :)